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I bought Logic x maybe 2 months ago, yeterday it didn't start. Everytime I'm trying to open the program, it shuts down.

Anyone with the same problem and tips on what to do?

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    Did you install something... delete something.. change something... connect something to your Mac...between the time when it did work and when it didn't? If so, what?


    You probably could try to delete LPX's User preferences and see if that fixes it.... or try one of the other troubleshooting methods outlined in this document...



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    You aren't the only one that's had this problem.


    My advice at this point is to call Apple, you should still have free support for Logic X,  Apple shouldn't be using this Forum as the sole support for it's "flagship" audio application.

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    Mine doesn't always start, not sure what the trigger is - but i restart my mac and all is ok, just put it down to teething problems.  But i guess we're a few months in now so it should be flagged as an issue.


    Does a restart sort yours out?

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    I had a similar issue here and found it was related to two different issues.. #1 affected just one of my rigs and #2 was present on two other Macs...


    1) One of my EXT drives would, for no reason, become Read Only.. and a restart would fix this issue.. As yet, I have found no explanation as to why this occurs... Unfortunately, to date..  Apple has been unable to reproduce the issue... and I have found no permanent fix for this other than rebooting. For me and this one Mac it affects... It seems to happen only after booting to another EXT HD or dual booting to Windows...using BootCamp and it can and does affect any EXT HD and not just one or two.


    2) One of the internal files inside the Logic Pro app package, had incorrect permissions somehow... I fixed this by using the ever wonderful BatCHMod, selecting the Logic Pro app and then resetting everything.. including ACLs... This permanently fixed this particular issue for me... (Not withstanding the EXT Drive Read Only issue.. which only affects one of my rigs and not any of the others) 



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    Art, nice one mate - I shall try those.


    I wonder if it's related to running parallels (Windows virtual machine), i have to use this for cross-platform compatibility with different customers and it always seems to 'misbehave' after i've been running it.


    Part of the reason i love my mac is being able to sleep and everything resumes like a charm (If only i was the same!! *groan*) - These restarts, while not the end of the world, would be nice to avoid as it takes away that Apple-nicitiy* that i've grown to love.



    *Not sure if that appears in the dictionary.... yet!

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    Parallels.... *shudder*


    I had similar issues using that piece of software to the point I just reformatted the one Mac i had it installed on (along with Logic Pro 9 and that's it) and after reinstalling OS X etc.. all the previous weird issues i had been having,. vanished completely.. leading me to believe they were mainly caused by Parallels... If I need windows compatibility nowadays i either bootcamp one of my 'big' iMacs if I need plenty of performance.. or use a cheap PC I bought mainly for testing purposes and running a few VST only plugins  in Logic via VEP5...



    Heh.. Ill have to add that one to my dictionary too

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    I'm getting major issues with LPX not starting up after use, it's really becoming a pain now, especially as i tend to work with lots of notes open on my screen, don't like restarting every day! 


    Tried the BatChmod fix, but no good.  Cleared the preferences completely, and it just doesn't seem to want to open a second time if i've been working with other apps in the meantime.


    Only reason i'm posting is to see if other people are having this problem, i'm guessing it's either parallels related or something to do with my firewire audio interface.


    Console gives me no info whatsoever, which is the biggest pain - Anyone know if LPX spits out error logs anywhere else?

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    Just in the console log.. under User Diagnostics normally.. unless it's not actually a LPX issue but an OS X issue.... in which caase you might see something under the System Diagnostics or under one of the two library logs....


    Which FW Interface do you have Ski?


    (My guess is it will be Parallels related but..........you never know..)

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    I fear it is going to be parallels too!


    I'm running on an M Audio Firewire interface (Solo) at the moment, nothing special but i've used it for years now without a problem, just gives me a basic 2 in 2 out and my external mixer does all the fancy stuff so i can use it on the move.


    If it was the audio interface it would come up in the logs, wouldn't it?


    If i record in the previous evening, and use the machine during the day (Parallels is usually involved there) you can guarantee that when i next start logic up it just freezes and i get the lovely beach ball.... I say lovely, i have nightmares about it!


    When things take a turn for the worse, logic tries to load the last project i was in, or creates a new one (depending on what i select on startup), but it never progresses any further.  If it is a previous project i select on startup then the logic splash screen comes up, goes through Audio Units, EXS instruments, Audio interface checks fine, then it will start to load the plugins for the previous project, and at that point it just pauses on the very first one, which is usually the built in compressor.


    I Restart the machine, and everything works fine.