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I facing problem with my macbook pro the screen on sudden become black but the apple on the back is light on. I need to close the mac from the off button on the computer keyboard to make it work again when I open it it tell me that there was a problem and ask me to report or not I choose report

the problem is from more the 2 month but recently it start to happen every day and today twice

it happen for the battary and when it is on electricety

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Which model MacBook Pro do you have (e.g., "15-inch Late 2011" or "8,2")?



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    Based on your description, it sounds that you are experiencing a 'kernel panic'.  If that is the case, read these support articles and if it occurs again, post the kernel panic for evaluation.







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    15-inch ّI think it is 2011

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    my library doen't have Logs/DiagnosticReports !!

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    Are you looking in the root (top level of your hard drive) Library->Logs->Diagnostics Reports?



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    There ARE MANY discussions relating to this issue MBP15" 2011.  My is the 2.8Ghz/6,2/OS10.6.  Apple has accepted that there are "some small" patches of logic boards made during certain period which will cause the problem - BUT NOT ALL MBP15" 2011!


    Mine developed this some while ago but I took no notice but notice that the MBP was running very hot and Apple staff did load testing and even visit the reply was ok.  Until 2 weeks ago when I took my MBP in to have it resolved because I have 2 months left (Applecare) and it was failing frequently, more than I could tolerate (ps: have many MBP 17" for over 10yrs due to my graphic/imaging intense work) this time, the load test returned a "FAILED" - replace logic board (interesting that this time it did verify my story).  Applecare replaced the logic board and many thanks.


    2 days later after picking the MBP with the new logic board, the dreaded "black screen"!?!  This is a new logic board that has just been replaced!  Q:  did they replace the logic board with the same mfg period of the defective batch of boards?!  Surely not.


    Rang Apple again and was told to replace OWC 8GB for the Apple original 2x2GB memory sticks.  I did just that and tested the screen via mini-display to my NEC PA27 LED monitor and the "death screen - black" appeared!


    I rang Apple again, and whilst on the phone to acquire my MBP S/N, the black screen appeared so I gave him my original repair ref.  He reply that I need to return the MBP to the store again but try to ask the staff there if you need to take out the "OWC data-doubler" and replace the original 500GB HDD back.


    I was told I had to restore my entire MBP back to original specs, which I did and it is now returned back to repair.


    Again, I told them that, it seems like when I did NOT plug the FW800, it seems quite stable or a lot stabler, but the black screen will intermittently appear.  But I told them that FW800 would NOT have any connection to the logic board graphic.


    My MBP13" @ 2.66/8GB of the same era (used as backup and travelling to that of my MBP 15" currently in question) never show the black screen.  I even exchanged the 8GB ram from the MBP 15" in question over (in case that RAM sticks are faulty) and never the black screen.


    I have a small dent at my RJ45 port but that is only a dent to the clam shell and did NOT affect the RJ45 jacket so I politely suggest that Apple cannot hone in on that as a "possible" cause.


    Apple is now resurrecting the OWC data-doubler issue that it may be the probable cause via the optical drive!?  Again, I kindly suggested that the HDD is only a 3Gb/s, original from Apple HDD bay so it is NOT as if the HDD is a 6Gb/s and the logic board had to trottle down to 3Gb/s which would play havoc with the HDD (ie not mounting) rather than the logic board (my layman understanding).


    For more than a year, this MBP had no problem other than 4 month after purchasing new that Apple had to replace my screen (ie green tint).  A year later from that, Apple had to replace another screen because it was "bleeding" (ie black around the edges).  It was at that time, that I notice the black screen.


    As much as I tried to help Apple to resolve this issue, and OWC and many other power users of MBP, I am at lost.  New logic board yet black screen, possible same defective mgf period board been replaced "accidentally".  To say that would be to tell a fish how to swim.


    My guess (due to 1-1/2 yr long experience) is that the patch of faulty logic board may have to do with the failure due to heat that is generated from the intense use and the heat may have cause the "soldering" within those defect logic board of the graphic to do "funny" things. When the MBP is cold (ie cold start), it is fine.  When it gets heated up (from use) that's when the black screen would appear.  Whilst it is hot and restart, just opening Finder would crash. 


    Please note, I am grateful of most Apple staff helping out on this issue.  Only a small minority that ruffled my feathers when they arbitrary exercise their zeal with their "Genius" title over what the customer was attempting to explain and the truth:  "swear to God... it did happen".


    So... I thought I add to the long list of black screen users.


    BTW:  On TWO (2) visits, I attempted to show them the crash report (many) and both attempts met a reply that they did not know what those reports would be saying.  (hmmm...)