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Mac OS X

I have iPhone5S and am running iOS 7.0.2 - my main machine is a MacPro running 10.7.5 and I have the latest iTunes -- there has been a change in how iTunes displays the apps and pages of the apps. on the iPhone when connected -- I tend to move, sort, combine etc. apps using iTunes rather than on the actual device.  But the way they have it now working, it seems cumbersome and not easier.


Does anyone have a better idea for moving, sorting etc. apps.  Right now I have apps on page 7 for instance that might belong in a folder on page 2 or on page 3 alone etc.  But you can't just click the icon in iTunes and move the app - and once you open up the iTunes page for that app it's hard to click and drag it to a better position.  Any suggestions?

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