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I have an iPhone and quite a number of apps = I was reviewing the iOS apps in the Mobile Apps folder and there are some of the [I assume] older apps in the Mobile Apps folder along with the newer versions = see --


Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.10.06 PM.jpg


Can I safely delete the older apps and keep only the newer one -- in the shot above my understanding is 3.7.2 is the app and the .1 and .2 means those are dupes = but if you look the sizes are different so they are not really pure dupes.


In other cases, I have an app = Air Sharing 3.1.ipa  and then there is a newer one Air Sharing 3.4.3 - can I safely delete the older one?

iPhone 5s, Other OS, iOS7
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    If you want to be sure: Move all apps that you assume they are old (or move all apps if you want to keep only the apps that are in your iPhone) from Mobile Apps folder somewhere else (let's say on your desktop) then open iTunes, plug your iPhone, right click on device name and choose "Transfer Purchaces".