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I have an Iphone5.  I primarily use the gmail app to send email.  Before the most recent software upgrade, I could send photos. I needed to create the email from my camera roll, say what size photo I wanted to send and hit send.  Then I would have to go to the mail app, go to the outbox, and manually select the mail and tell it to send again (and specify the size again.)  Since the software upgrade, I can't find the outbox in mail.  After I create the email in my camera roll, I hit send and nothgng happens.  Can anyone tell me either 1) how to find the outbox in mail or 2) how to make my emails with pictures send?  It is model MD636LL/A running firmware 5.00.01 and version 7.0.2(11A501)




iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2
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    go to your pics and chose one by pressing  it

    At the bottom of the page will appear a trash can(right) and a square with a arrow in it  . Click it and your options will open

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    Thank you.  I have tried to do exactly that.  I tap the box, then I tap mail, I enter a recipient on the to line, and a subject.  Then I hit send.  It asks me what size the picture should be.  I select a size.  The phone then returns to displaying the picture, as if the mail has been sent.  However the mail is never sent.  In the previous version of the OS, I had to go into the mail app, in the outbox, and select the email I had created with the attached photo.  Then I hit send and it would ask me again what size I wanted the picture to be.  When I selected the size, the email would actually be sent and go from the outbox to sent mail.  Now I can't find the outbox in the mail app and the emails I create never show up.  Can you help?

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    what do you mean       Now I can't find the outbox in the mail app and the emails I create never show up. 

    You don't have access to your sent (email) ?


    If you send it to you, do you receive it ?

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    Before the software upgrade, the emails would get stuck in my outbox.  I would have to go, select them, and hit send again.  Then they would be sent and appear in my sent mail mailbox.  Since the upgrade, I can see my sent mail mailbox, but not the outbox.

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    And no, if I send the email with the picture attachment to myself, I don't receive it.

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    I would have to guess that something is wrong in your mail settings, especially if it was happening before.

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    did you tried to delate your email account and recreate it?

    Did you tried to reset your phone ?