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I would like to export a directory on my Mac via NFS. I created /exports with the help of the NetInfo utility, I also created the directory entries within the new /exports domain and the directory itself. I also created /etc/hosts.allow to tell portmap subnets it should allow.

Idefix:~ joe$ showmount -e
Exports list on localhost:
Idefix:~ joe$ nidump exports /

ShowMount -e doesn't show anything although the directory is in netinfo, see nidump.

I rebooted already. I did signal mountd -HUP but nothing. What else needs to be done?

The website link I found here in discussion doesn't work anymore. Anyone knows a good article for Mac OS? The Linux/ FreeBSD articles don't help because they don't have to deal with NetInfo.

I'm running 10.4 User

PB G3 500MHz, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
Reply by Bill Scott on Jul 2, 2006 9:01 PM Helpful
At the risk of sounding vaguely obscene, please take a look at my wiki NFS page.

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    At the risk of sounding vaguely obscene, please take a look at my wiki NFS page.
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    Thanks for NFS Manager, but I just didn't want to use Shareware if I'm on a Unix system.

    What solved the problem was part of your description in the Wiki, although not clearly mentioned.

    NetInfos database was ok, but I didn't care about the actual /etc/exports FILE as one always states that netinfo-db is taking care of this and the files are more or less nonsense.

    For NFS export this is not true! (at least here)

    After creating the /etc/exports file with

    /Users/Shared/dbox2 idefix.local

    and a kill -HUP on mountd - voila - showmount -e showed me the exported filesystem!

    If I change the path in /etc/exports to something not existing: nothing shows up in showmount -e (after kill -HUP to mountd). Changing it back to real values (and kill -HUP mountd) it's here again.

    So it seems to me, even though nidump knows about exports and even shows me my entries as made in NetInfo it is not used!

    I didn't fire up nfsd or mountd. They are running already. I'm on 10.4.7 on PowerPC.

    Thanks for your help guys. I just needed a pointer. Now I hope I opened the correct ports on my personal firewall