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  • Duckwally Level 1 (0 points)

    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5

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    Is your GarageBand version a version, that came preinstalled on your Mac with MacOS X Lion or Mt. Lion?

    • Then you can reinstall it from the App Store.
      • To uninstall, delete GarageBand from the Applications folder with ⌘⌫. YOu will need to enter your admin password. Don't empty the Trash.
      • Then sign into the AppStore with the Apple ID you used to set up your Mac. Go to the "Purchased" tab and reload it with ⌘R. You should see GargeBand ready to be installed. Click "Install".
    • If you bought GarageBand on an iLIfe CD or it came with SnowLeopard, do as dagon describes here:  Re: GarageBand '11 won't download additional loops
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    It came pre-installed and I checked the App Store and it's under purchaes.  I also think I know why it's not working.  The Computer is New, but the hard drive I used to put all the old files on it was from my old computer, which was stolen.  It's very likely that whatever was wrong with the files/sounds, was from that time and I just did not notice.  Or rather I'm using Garageband more now than I did before.  In any case the laptop was stolen too and so I put all the old files from the old laptop on the new one, but the files on the laptop must have been fine.  That's the only explanation I have. 

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    Question:  Ever used Mainstage?  if so do you like it?

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    Question:  Ever used Mainstage?  if so do you like it?

    No, I only installed it to get the Jam Packs for a bargain price, but I never used it. For that it was perfect. Have a look at the MainStage forum:   MainStage

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    I followed the instructions and it still says it's missing and still sounds the same.  it's against me. lol

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    Then reinstall again, but this time remove all GarageBand related library files, as described by dagon in this post: 

      Re: GarageBand '11 won't download additional loops


    Probably reinstalling did not restore the loops, because they already were there.

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    I've gone through the list. I don't empty the trash right? 

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    No, keep the program in the trash, just in case the reinstall should hang, because of network problems or something.

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out.  It now works.  Of course now I notice that the Vocals are greyed out along with celest etc in the loops section.  but as I've been reading MainStage should solve that problem. 


    Have a good day/night 


    Silly question:  It's okay to empty the trash now right?

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    Great, if all is working, you can empty your trash.

    Did GarageBand download the additional content?

    Celesta and Vocals come with the JamPacks. If you buy Mainstage, that should reinstall the JamPack Loops, or you could try again to copy them from your other Mac.


    Probably you will need to update the Loop index afterwards.


    Rebuilding the Loop Index in GarageBand


    Good Night!



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    Yes it did.


    Thanks again.


    Now I can get mainstage 3.  I read the thread on that as well, while waiting for your response. 


    Take care,


    Good Night

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    Hey Léonie. You saved me again.

    After migrating to my new mac my garageband 6.0.5 didn't work properly. The first visible sign was that the grand piano, and all the pianosounds almost sounded alike with a digital keyboard sound. But also effects and filters was gone. But luckily I had my old HD from my former mac mini in a HD-box and I plugged it in and started to compare the instrument library in the folder

    /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library

    just as you have recommended above.

    And almost everything was missing, pianos, phasers, horns, whatever.

    And in the folder /Library/Application Support/GarageBand a lot was missing too, the magic garageband files and the postcastfiles and more.

    So after moving it all back giving many system permission it seems as it works, at least for now, although it is impossible to check everything.


    Thank you again from BodilKreativ

  • léonie Level 10 (90,960 points)

    You're welcome!