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I'm trying to get back the "Grand Piano" sound on my garage band.  I don't rememer changing the sound but whenever I select it -whether it's a new track or adding to an old track- it sounds more electric and less like a "piano". 


I was thinking of uninstalling garageband and then reinstalling it.  Would this solve the problem?  or should I run the upgrade again?  is that even possible?


On my laptop the sound is fine, but on my desktop it is not.  I also don't know why when you transfer garage band files from one computer to the next, the sounds do not translate.  the computer changes it to something else. 


In any case, I really want my grand piano back.  but who knows what else is wrong and I have not yet discovered it. 


Thank you for your help,



imac, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Intel Core Duo
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