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My Mac will not turn on!

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I press the ON button, I hear the MAC Start Up Sound, then the loading wheel appears, and a progress bar appears below, which dosnt do anything then the MAC SHUTS OFF, I've had the MAC since 2011 and this is the first problem I've had

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    If you performed the 2 links I sent to you (SMC and NVRAM/PRAM resets, you may have had some sort of hardware failure.

    You should bring it in to an Apple Genius bar (make an appointment)


    They will diagnose it for free, and give you your options, if you have AppleCare it extends your warranty to 3 years from date of purchase.

    The reason I suggest this is the fact that it does the start up cycle then shuts down. It could be some thing as simple as a failed sensor or something more involbed., either wat it will cost you nothing to find out. make sure to bring your charger with you.


    Just a side note, do you have any peripherals connected? If so try disconnecting all peripherals , then try the 2 resets again that I linked to in my first post and see what happens. If no joy, bring it in to Apple, the have the diagnostic tools for these kind of issues.


    I wish you luck

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    Just for a "shot in the dark" try a safe mode boot, powerup holding the shift key, continue to hold the shift key untill toy see the progress BAR (note this takes longer than usual) and allow to finish booting (if it will) if it does then try logging in,if you can look around see if anything works, then log out and try to start normally. If no joy take it in.

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    Mackpro won't turn on . Simple fix take off back cover and disconnect battery . The battery has 2 screws then disconnect black connector from battery . Pry upward on plug on each side and leave disconnected for 5 min. Then remove ram the 2 memory cards just above the battery reinstall memory . Reconnect battery . Install back cover . Hope this helps . Worked for me

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    Try the SMC.



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