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Is there any way to manually initiate a refresh in the Calendar app in iOS 7? (I'm using iCloud to sync my personal and shared calendars with two Macs and two other users.)


In the iOS Calendar app, at least between the introduction of iCloud and iOS 6, you could show the list of calendars and then tap the refresh icon (two arrows in a circle) at the bottom of the list. In many other apps you can do so by pulling the main list view down and releasing. But I have not found any way to force iOS 7 to do this. If there is no such mechanism, consider this a feature request.


"Wait until the app refreshes by itself" is not really a valid answer to this question. Sometimes it just doesn't, and a manual refresh might help break a log jam. And sometimes you're about to get on a plane and need to be sure your calendar is up to date before you go into Airplane Mode.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2, AT&T
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    I think you can tap Calendars at the bottom, then pull down to refresh the Calendars screen as you would to refresh Mail. Once it finishes the refresh, click Done and I think it will have updated. I tried it once out of curiosity and it worked. Sample size of one...

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    Do you have your iCloud account set to Push or Fetch?   Mine is on push, and as long as I have internet connectivity it works without fail almost instantly, every time.   Manual refreshes just don't need to happen in my case.

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    I just did this successfully after the described methods above failed. (I could not push, fetch, or manually refresh)


    Note; this is not a refresh, but a quick delete / re-install


    1) settings; icloud; mail off, calendars off. (temporary, and not sure it's neccessary)


    2) back to settings; mail contacts calendars; gmail account; delete.


    3) add acount; reinstall your google account! (only took a few seconds to load everything back from google servers)


    4) turn your icloud back ups on again if you wish and back up new data. I dont need to back up my gmail neccessarily, neither my calendar, now that I know how to reload direct from Google.


    Why I wanted to figure this out;

    I got an I phone replacement, (Thank you Apple!) but my i-cloud backup had filled up over a month ago, ( I chose to ignore)  so I lost only the new data up to today's replacement ( calendar entries,  texts, a  new contact or two, and a month's worth of the only game I play.. real racing 3.. errr..so i just deleted the game:-) 

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    This worked for me in iOS8 as well.


    Tapped "Calendars" at the bottom, then pulled down to refresh the Calendars screen and all my Google calendars that were set to share (https://www.google.com/calendar/syncselect) appeared. I viewed my calendars and there were still no appointments. I wend back to "Calendars" at the bottom and pulled down to refresh the Calendars a second time. Tapped back to view my calendars, and all my data was there.

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    Thanks for noting the "double-refresh". It seems to be what is sometimes required to sync meetings that have moved on calendars that are linked to Microsoft Outlook Exchange servers.