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I haven't been editing anything too recently and, being of feeble mind, I can't remember if this thing I am currently experiencing is how FCPX was always operating or if my program's getting buggy on me. I'm fearing the latter but someone out there can clear that for me:


So I have a timeline going. Connected clips here and there of various ilk. Actually it consists mostly of connected clips because I hate the new paradigm and can't abide by too much sitting on the main timeline until I'm almost done with the edit...but that's another post. Anyway, I have this clip that I want to slide (gosh, now I've forgotten the FCP7 terminology) the contents of the clip so that the duration remains but there are new in/out points. Simple, right? Just use the transition tool. Click and drag. However, I have secondary clips attached. There's some music connected down below this clip. Let's say there's a graphic connected above. Both of those I want to stay put because their position is relative to the clip they're connected to, not the contents of that clip.(not to mention all else in the timeline) But if I use the transition tool on this clip to which things are connected, the connected clips slide along with my dragging, maintaining the points at which they're connected. Why? I want them to stay put. This changes their relationship to this clip and, in most cases, messes with everything up and down the line as they shift. Yes, I can change they're connection point with the option-command click thingy, but A) that's stupid to keep doing over and over, and B) sometimes it's just not feasible.


So, what say ye: Buggy? Or that's just how it works; deal with it?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)