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I haven't been editing anything too recently and, being of feeble mind, I can't remember if this thing I am currently experiencing is how FCPX was always operating or if my program's getting buggy on me. I'm fearing the latter but someone out there can clear that for me:


So I have a timeline going. Connected clips here and there of various ilk. Actually it consists mostly of connected clips because I hate the new paradigm and can't abide by too much sitting on the main timeline until I'm almost done with the edit...but that's another post. Anyway, I have this clip that I want to slide (gosh, now I've forgotten the FCP7 terminology) the contents of the clip so that the duration remains but there are new in/out points. Simple, right? Just use the transition tool. Click and drag. However, I have secondary clips attached. There's some music connected down below this clip. Let's say there's a graphic connected above. Both of those I want to stay put because their position is relative to the clip they're connected to, not the contents of that clip.(not to mention all else in the timeline) But if I use the transition tool on this clip to which things are connected, the connected clips slide along with my dragging, maintaining the points at which they're connected. Why? I want them to stay put. This changes their relationship to this clip and, in most cases, messes with everything up and down the line as they shift. Yes, I can change they're connection point with the option-command click thingy, but A) that's stupid to keep doing over and over, and B) sometimes it's just not feasible.


So, what say ye: Buggy? Or that's just how it works; deal with it?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    Sounds to me, if I understand correctly, that you want to slip the clip not slide it since you want to change in and out but maintain lengtth of the clip. Use the trim tool (T) and select the clip then drag in the clip to set new in/out points. You will get a two up display in viewer for guidance.

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    You're doing the right thing but you need to hold down the "Tilde" key to keep the connected stuff where it is while you make your edit..

    On my (UK) keyboard, the tilde key is between the left shift key and the Z - but I believe on some it's next to the escape key - it's symbol is a horizontal wavy line. If you can't find it, I'm sure you can Google it.


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    Spot-on, andynick. That's exactly what I needed. Thanks so much.  So apparently I just worked around it before. This surprises me because with this current edit I'm working on I'm running into it a lot and it was driving me nuts. Wonder why it didn't bother me before?


    And, yes, I'm well familiar with the tilde. Can't spell "habañeros" without it!