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The Purchases in the Cloud feature from iTunes v.11 has never behaved as advertised on my Mac since it's came out. I can enable it on my computer as many times as can but, once in a while, whenver I reopened the app it either disappears from the Preferences and I have to close the app and restart it to see if it re-appears or it shows up but it's once again disabled.


Am I the only one who have experienced this ? Are there any potential workarounds besides what I already do until Apple fixes this issue ? I have already done my part and have had extensive talks with Applecare Advisors about the issue and said they notified the engineers but have yet to see any improvement at all. In the mean time they have released three more updates of iTunes 11.0.5,11.1 & 11.1.1 and nothing so far.

OS X Mountain Lion, 13 inch Mid-2012