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Few days ago I started noticing music app lags when unlocking iPhone 5 or switcing between apps.

Example: I'm listening to music that was downloaded from iTunes Store, turn on the screen and slide it to unlock, that lag occurs and song plays last 1 - 2 seconds of what was just played again. Same occurs when I'm in another app, like Safari, then I switch to music app - Boom! - same lag. It annoys alot.

Also am I the only one who can't normally use volume and postion controls on lock screen? I try to put my finger on time slider and volume sliders on lock screen but insted of moving them I move lock screen It's now much faster to unlock the phone, go to music app, adjust song position than do it on lock screen.

Why the **** lock screen moves when you finger is in controls area after all?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2, White, 64GB
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    Still presented in iOS 7.1 but now appears less frequently. Mostly shuffles song position.

    Example - I'm listening to a song, that is 7 minutes long. Manually I set it to play from 3:44  and when song reaches 4:30 incoming call comes. I answer it with Earpods, and when call ends the song starts playing not from 4:30, but from 3:44.