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My Apple ID included my name and our company's domain, so to make things like calendar invites a bit more anonymous as they fly around the web, a while back I went to https://appleid.apple.com and changed my Apple ID to correspond to a more anonymous email address.


While on https://appleid.apple.com I registered and verified the original email address as an Alternate Email Addresses.


It seemed like it was hard or impossible to change some things, like my iPhone 5, to use the new Apple ID with iCloud, because it only allows me to enter a password, not change the account's email address.


In general it seemed like everything still worked, though, until the recent update to iOS 7.


In iOS 7 > settings > iCloud, it's asking me to "Sign in to iCloud" and to "Enter the Apple ID password for "[my old Apple ID email address]."  But when I do enter the password, it doesn't accept it and simply tells me to again to "Sign in to iCloud..." and to "Enter the Apple ID password..."


I thought perhaps it was confusing my old ID w/ an old password, but neither old or new passwords work.


After doing research in the Apple Support Communities, I found some saying that I'd just have to go to the bottom of the iCloud screen and it the "Delete Account" button.  Frustrated, I did.  But whether I next selected "Keep on My iPhone" or "Delete from My iPhone" the next thing is says is "Password Required" and "Enter the Apple ID password for  "[my old Apple ID email address]."


Since that's the very thing that isn't possible for me (always giving the error "Your Apple ID or password is incorrect") I:

  • went to https://iforgot.apple.com and entered my old Apple ID (which, again, is verified still in my Apple ID account as an Alternate Email Address)
  • clicked "next"
  • selected "Email authentication: To access your information, we will send an email to the address(es) on file for you."
  • clicked "next"
  • and go this message, "Email has been sent."

However... it never sent the message to that email account.  So I did it again multiple times.  Then I went and checked spam filters. Then I looked at email logs on the server... Nope... it is not sending the message.


In desperation I decided to just wipe the phone clean and start afresh through iTunes, where I clicked "Restore iPhone..."  When I did a dialogue box popped up that said, "Find my iPhone must be turned off before [iPhone 5's name] can be restored. Go to iCloud Settings on your iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone before restoring your iPhone." 


On the phone in settings > iCloud, there is a "Terms and Conditions" blue link that I "Agreed" to, which gives me access in iCloud to turn off Find My iPhone, but as soon as I do, the Apple ID password for that old email address is demanded, again... and of course I don't have it...


In researching I read that perhaps another alias could be added to my https://www.icloud.com > email > preferences > accounts, but as it turns out the alias can't be my old Apple ID.  It has to be an alias that include @icloud.com in the address.


What can I possibly do, now, please? 

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