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Hi everybody, sorry for my english I'm a frenchman.. Si i'm in front of a BIG problem, in fact i'm asking myself a qustion and I tried to find an answwer online but nothing.. That's why I'm here! I hope you'll be able to help me
My question is : I'm about to buy an Iphone 4s 16go white in France and in one month i'll move to Australia; will I be able to se it there? I don't think so.. But is it possible to unlock it ? I don't want to buy it if I can't.. So if anybody know if an international unlock is possible, please tell me!
Thank you all, have a nice day

iPhone 4S
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    Purchase your phone directly from Apple as officially unlocked, & you can then use it with any supported GSM carrier anywhere in the world.


    Bear in mind, your warranty/support will only be valid in the EU. Thus, if moving in a month, why not wait & purchase your phone in Australia?

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    Thank you for the answer. But I'm about to buy my Iphone to a friend, that's the problem.. It's not in a apple store, and if  I understood what you said I can't unlock it for Australia? Only for the EU? Because that's what I'm looking for, if there exist a solution to use a french iphone outside of EU..

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    All of the French carriers, except Free Mobile, offer official unlocking. If you purchase a carrier locked iPhone, you'll have to contact the carrier regarding their unlocking policy. Once unlocked, you can use it anywhere in the world on any supported carrier's GSM network. You MUST get the phone unlocked while you're still in France, if you purchase a carrier locked iPhone.


    Honestly, your best bet is to purchase an officially unlocked iPhone directly from Apple, if you are going to purchase in France.

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    Thank you wjosten

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    You're welcome.