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Originally, iTunes was set up to store content on an external hard drive by someone else.

Everything worked peachy.

Then my hard drive was full, so I got a new 2TB WD My Passport for Mac external hard drive, and sort of managed to transfer the content.

While checking things out, I realised that all the content that I had purchased from iTunes (some 450GB) had been copied into my media file on my MBP, using up a huge amount of my 750GB HD.

So I deleted it.

Now my appletv will not read the data from my external hard drive, so basically, it has been reading it from the content on my MBP the whole time.

I checked the advanced settings, ITunes Media Folder Location, and changed it to my external hard drive, but that keeps defaulting to the media files in my MBP, which seems weird.  I have to change it manually, but then I can't watch it on appletv!

It's all over the place; some of the content didn't copy, I'm scared to sync my iPods in case I lose all or some of my music.

It's really difficult to tell where the actual content is from iTunes.

Frankly, I had everything working wonderfully, and I loved my apple microsystem, but that was while it was merrily using up all the storage space on my MBP, which I use for work!

Can anyone help me get this thing organised, because my life is just not the same!