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I notice that with iOS7 that Siri sounds different on TV ad's and videos online, but after I updated mind does sound different but robotic, works fine and only after I bought a used iPhone 4s from a work friend and setup for my Mom to use as an iPOD her Siri voice sounds so much BETTER... like non-robotic and more natural voice, both are different from iOS6 but my phone is different not natural, I seen many posting about this problem but no real fix.

I have Apple Care and before I call or visit a store I thought ill post this?


iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2, Current Phone
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    Hey appleab,



    Great question. I believe the following article addresses your concerns:


    iOS: Understanding Siri and VoiceOver voices



    Your iOS device initially uses a compact voice for both Siri and VoiceOver. After you have configured a Wi-Fi network and have the device connected to a power source, iOS will automatically download and install a more natural-sounding voice.




    1. Go to Settings > General > Siri > Language.

    2. Select the Language and Voice Gender* you want to use.


    Note: If you change the language or gender for Siri, the new enhanced-quality voice will need to download.




    Matt M.

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    I'm sorry if I'm missing something. Not sure if this is the problem the OP is having but I'm having a problem understanding Siri when she reads me texts. She uses No pause between words. Completely to fast. I went to voice control and put the slider on slow down but it doesn't slow down Siri when she reads me my text. I have to pull my phone out the holster, which is a pain with dirty hands, and read my texts. Was doing fine on iOS6.

    Doesn't matter which headsets I use. Dr dre beat tours or apple ear pods