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The hackers got into my iCloud accound and forwards all emails to a bogus adress with my name with the letter "z" at the end  at a site called "live.com."  All incoming emails were leteted.


An email to all my contacts was sent saying I was in the pHillipines and needed money - bit it gave no address to send me any assistance.  I assume these emails contained viruses and maybe so-called "trojan horses" to infect the systems f my contacts.


The hackers also somewho deleted and lilely stole almost all the archived emails I have saved - and there were a lot of these - so I am extrmely concerned.


I have not been able to find an live person (even through myapple.com") who could give me any detailed advise on all the tings I need to do now.  I have done many things of course including subscribing to an identity theft service, changing all passwords, opening a new email account not related to APLLE, downlpwading something called MacScan and doing a thourough spyware chanecl, usine the data encryption and firewall options that APPLE provides (and I had not used) etc.


By I was wondering if there is anything else I need to do:  Is there a detailed manual somewhaere? 


I am stunned that some emails of an innocuous nature - like the ones in my TRAVEL folder - were not seleted or stolen whilce the rest were - what does this mean?


Also:  Can I trust MacScan software - is there a better source software package to consider?

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    sounds like you need a mac.  anyway heres what apple recommends for security

    i would advise to change your password. see


    Good luck

    Peace, Clyde

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    You have pretty much done everything that you can do. You can call AppleCare and ask to be transferred to the Account Security team to set up new security questions for your Apple ID if your iCloud account is the same.


    Not sure what you are referring to with MacScan. In this case the people who got into your account probably did not hack through your computer they somehow learned what your password was.


    @Clyde77: They have an iMac.