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Apple listen up and listen good ...


It is spectacularly frustrating the over the past month or so iCal colours keep changing.

This is a bug that should have been permanently solved within hours of discovery.


BUT .. tonight I have discovered that events are self deleting.


That is massively unacceptable.


Trust me, I know how to use iCal and I have been using Macs since 1985.


The exact situaiton is:

iCal on iPhone5 running OS 6.latest

iCal linked via iCloud to 3 other computers and 1 iPhone 4S none of which is manned.

and 1 MacPro (Mountain Lion latest) is on my desk and has full access to calendar.

I enter a new event and Accept it.

It appears in the MacPro calendar and then spontaneously disappears.


Let's be clear:  No Way, No Way etc. Apple get on to this.


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, PowerBookG4 10.4.11 MacPro 10.8.4