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Having purchased the iPhone 5s 64 in Gray on release, the power button rattles badly enough the mic pics it up on phone calls and videos.  My carrier sent a replacment that still had the same issue.  The wait for the replacement exceeded the 14 day period and Apple will only replace with one of their white box models which I looked at and had physical damage to in the genius bar. 


Has anyone recieved a unit lately that hasn't had this issue?  In speaking with Apple relations they simply delegated the matter to the store again and was not much of a solution.  Meanwhile I'm escalating this with the carrier in the hopes they will do the right thing since this compromises two major device functions.  Apple acknowledged the issue, but said little in the way of whether this affected many units or a small number of batches. 


Can anyone else report if they have had better success finding a remedy on this matter?

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    Sadly all the ones I have seen do it slightly, I have a week 39 unit and it does it. If you get a chance maybe get a iPhone 5C as they dont. Its a real shame this one issue has ruined my enjoyment of the phone all iPhone 5s units I personaly have seen make this noise to a lesser or greater degree. Maybe exchange it in a few months and they will have fixed it.

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    The iPhone 3G and 3GS were the 2 worst phones I've ever owned from apple.  Everything cracks and it looks terrible externally so quickly.    Given the nature of the matter, Apple is likely doing something.  And the longer they go, the more issues they will have if this isn't addressed.