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Hi, I'm shooting with a D300s and a D90 and using approved memory cards. I hav been shooting with these cameras for about 2-3 years and since July I have noticed that the quality of the image on the camera is not necessarily the quality of the image that I upload. I am a professional photographer and am teetering on replacing all my equipment to target the problem. I have called Apple and Nikon and have not been able to trouble shoot the issue.


I have tested the image import on several different devices and the results are mixed.


Cameras: jpeg, custom color settings, pretty picutre

Imac (early 2009) : dark, grainy, unusable picture

Macbook Pro 2013: dark, grainy, unusable picture

ipad 4: viewing image via dropbox: moderately useable picture

I have opened it Photoshop Cs5 and Cs3 and the image quality is the same

iMac, iOS 7.0.2
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    What app are you using to view the photos?


    What settings are you shooting at? how big are the images?


    Remember what you see on the camera is not your image, but a preview of it created by the camera.

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    Can you post an example image to provide a better idea of the problem. You could consider also posting the same question on DPReview and Nikoncafe forums but do upload an example. Have you tried a different colour setting to compare?

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    So generous people; thank you for your time.


    I visited the camera store and we discovered that my camera lcd was set to the maximum brightness level which completely distorted any understanding of my exposure. What I now see on the lcd in terms of ligt and shadow is very similar to what I see on my computer screen.


    Maybe you can shed light on this:

    I also may need to just upgrade my imac. On the camera store's late model imac my images were tac sharp but on my imac they look quite soft and still have less light.

    There is also still some difference in terms of color settings. My camera's colors have a brighter pinkish tone and on the camera store's imac and mine the tone is yellowish orange.


    I will try DPReview and Nikoncafe. My first step is to reset my cameras to factory defaults and then upload and compare.


    Thank you both for your help