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Hello community,


First of all : MBA 13" mid-12 i7 HD4000 8gb ram 256 SSD


Here is my issue : i've been using iStat Menu for a while now and today i noticed that i'm not gaining back any room on my SSD when i delete content.

For instance, i transfered a 20gb folder on an external drive in order to free some space on my SSD. Once I it got done, i deleted the folder from my laptop and noticed no space was gained back. Eventhough after i empty the trash and restarted the dude.


The thing is, it works the other way arround : i downloaded a file a little later and this time the capacity decreased as expected.


One more thing (: i don't know if somehow it could be related but i set up a time machine backup through an external hard drive (500go : 400 for TM and 100 for classique storage) right before i notice the thing.


Thanks in advance for your help and excuse my english, i'm a french membre.


MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Could be Time Machine local snapshots related. iStat Menu is showing the "real free space" I assume? Check if your Finder indicates any free space changes when you remove files.




    At the end of the support article:

    Note: You may notice a difference in available space statistics between Disk Utility, Finder, and Get Info inspectors. Those differences are expected and can be safely ignored. The Finder displays the available space on the disk without accounting for the local snapshots, because local snapshots will surrender their disk space if needed.

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    This crossed my mind but the thing is it free no space even after the backup, or at least according to iStat.


    Because actually I just noticed that my finder indicates the right space (106 gb free) when iStat claims for only 69.

    Can anyone help me understand ?


    Edit : this might be due to the snapshots indeed because in about this mac there is like 37gb of space for backup. I believe the issue comes from there.

    But still I can't understand why iStat shows one thing, the finder another.

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    iStat shows real ocupied space (like Disk Utility), whereas Finder shows avaiable space to user. Both make sense.


    If it bothers you and you never benefit from local snapshots, you can disable the feature and purge the backups by this terminal command:

    sudo tmutil disablelocal

    Ever want the feature back, type: sudo tmutil enablelocal

    Romain.A wrote:


    But still I can't understand why iStat shows one thing, the finder another.

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    If you've deleted files, but not emptied the trash, then I believe that the space is not released either.

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    Thank you guys for your concern.


    It was really helpful.