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I recently purchased an ipad and wanted to sync my ical on my macbook pro.  After turning on icloud on my macbook my ical has the message "upgrading ical calendars".  No matter what I do I can't get the popup to go away and I can't use ical.  I can't force quit ical because it will just restart itself.  I manually restarted my macbook and ical still has the message "upgrading ical calendars".  This has been going on for hours.  Please please help!!!  I manage my whole life through ical!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Hi Kathy, have you had a reply regarding this. I have the exact same problem. I purchased an iPhone this week and yesterday tried to synch my ical from MacBook Pro to the iPhone. I too turned on iCloud and got the message , 'upgrading iCal calendars' and that has been 12hrs so far. I have tried to force quit and even used the Terminal , kill command and this did not work. I can not get into iCal on my MacBookpro, but when I look on my iPhone I now have calendar entries but the entries are not what was in my MacBook Pro, I seem to have lots of duplicate and incorrect entries.

    So now I have two issues: I can't get into iCal on the MacBook Pro because of the 'upgrading iCal calendars' process that I can not quit and the calendar transferred to iPhone seems corrupted. I too run my life and business through iCal and this is disastrous. I also have MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5). I need this resolved ASAP.

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    Same problem here. I have an iphone 5 (iOS 7.0.3), and iMac (OSX ver 10.7.5).


    It seems incredible that Apple can make an iPhone and an iMac, but can't get the ical to sync with its devices.

    As we speak, iCal is STILL 'Upgrading' after a few hours, after I tried to sync it with iCloud.


    Someone offered a 'solution' to go into the users Library and delete the prefs for ical, and re-start ical, but I looked in the library and haven't found a Calendar Folder, let alone, prefs for the ical.


    I have to Force Quit iCal to close it.


    This is a BIG SOUR APPLE for me!


    Any Help would be helpful!


    There should be an idiot-proof way to simply sync the desktop iCal with the **** Iphone Calendar!


    Ken J (Hawaii)


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    I had the same issue with my brand new Iphone and my Macbook Pro ICal.  In short, after hours on the phone and at the Genius Bar, my calendar is back on the computer (thanks to a lucky back up I had), partially on the Cloud (Choosing to ignore all my Blue dates while copying three other colors) and nowhere to be found on the phone.


    I've tried turning off all cloud computing and syncing through ITunes. It says it's syncing, but it does not.
    I've tried turning all Cloud computing on and letting it sync that way. Nothing has changed.


    I wish I could tell you how we finally got the "upgrading" message to stop, but I don't recall what folder the Phone Support took me into or what file we ultimately had to trash. I do recall it was going to erase whatever was left in my calendar.


    In short, I've learned that IOS is not interested in interacting with OSX Lion.  And beware the OSX Mavericks upgrade, because that disables most of the few remaining conveniences that do exist between the two.


    At this point, I have one more week to either keep or return the IPhone and if I don't get this thing

    solved by Monday.... It's back to Android for me. Hard to believe my HTC Evo did a better job or relating to my Macbook Pro than Apple's own phone.

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    me too!!! is this Microsoft?