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My Hard Drive crashed - dead as a doorknob.  TOok it in for repair - Apple Store wouldn't work on it becaise it was over 5 years old.

So took to an authorized repair center, and they managed to salvage all my data, and installed a new hard drive, and most everytihng is good now.


However, I am having trouble now with the MAIL app.

I have 5 accounts that I am using, all IMAP accounts from the same server.


However, in one of the accounts, I can see how many emails I have, but the preview screen to the right of the list of folders/accounts is blank.  I can't see any emails there.  It is fine for all the other accounts.


Other issue is that the F1 key used to take me to my Desktop.  Now the F1 key does nothing.  I have no other way to get to the desktop except using Finder. The F1 key was so easy.  How do I get that back?   I could not find anything in System Preferences that would allow for this.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)