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My cord on my ipad was very hot.  Once it cooled down now it will not charge my ipad.  Does apple replace this? I just purchased this 6 months ago.  Also I am getting an error message that says something like wont support this acessory.  Have no idea why I am getting this all of a sudden.  Do they have something to do with each other?

iOS 7.0.2
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    Take the charger, the USB cord and the iPad in to your local Apple Store (make an appointment at the Genius Bar...I believe they now need your valid Apple ID). Whatever the issue is should be covered by your one-year warranty and will likely be replaced on the spot. If you can, make a backup of your iPad using iTunes. This will help ease the transition from your old device to the replacement *in case Apple needs to replace the iPad itself*. The charger or charging cord will not be much of an issue if they are replaced.

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    the problem is the apple store is 130 miles away.  I bought it at Best buy will they stand by it as well?

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    I really could not say. Maybe you can call your nearest Best Buy to see what their policy is on returning defective items after a long (6 month) period. My guess would be that they wouldn't but you can always call. I know for sure that an Apple store will go out of their way to send you on your way with a safely working device. In this case, it would be worth the 130 mile trip, at least to me.