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    anellefromqld wrote:


    A new battery solved the problem for me. My phone is 15 months old.

    Where did you get your battery? Because a lot of people who have bought iPhone batteries off Amazon/eBay aren't happy with the result.

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    The Apple store replaced my battery for free because I originally went to see them when the phone was only a few weeks out of warranty. I kept going back every time it died above 10%

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    Same problem here. Recently updated to 7.1 and noticed that the battery would drain really fast and shut off when it would hit 30%. Noticed battery drain with the last update to the iOS too, but not shutting off. I just got back from the Apple store and they told me the same story others received: battery needs to be replaced and I'm inconveniently just past my 1 year warranty. We restored the phone, so we'll see if that helps, but my gut is still telling me this is a software issue. The problem started happening immediately after installing 7.1.


    P.S. The staff were pretty short and inattentive with me and other customers. Not a happy customer Apple.

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    Same problem . Phone now shuts down at 22 percent since installing the last iOS update . Done it twice today !!!!! Was worried phone was Knackered !! After reading all these messages and putting 2+2 together it's obviously a software issue . My phone is less than a year old !! I will phone 02 tomorrow

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    Just adding my name to the growing list.  Same issue Corkey1972, at 22 % with the latest update the phone shuts off.  I left it uncharged for the night trying to get it to go all the way to 0%.  But after last night, after 7hrs, it went from 22% to 19%, and continues to shut itself off.  This is going to take a long time to try and discharge!! 


    Frustrating,  I used to hate my old samsung for the same reason, I dont care much about all the extra stuff you can do on the phone, the phone must work as a phone primarily!  If the **** battery is so unstable, it make it useless.


    Maybe the next software release will help, I am going to have to rethink staying with Apple.

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    I've got exactly the same problem. It's often when I use apps like Instagram and Snapchat; apps where I use my camera. My iPhone 5 shuts down and then it says I need to plug-in. When I hit the powerbuttom for like ten times, my iPhone turns on. Today I had another weird thing: my battery went from 20% to 4% in 1 minute. And now I'm using my iPhone on a battery-level of 1% for half an hour and it's not even shutting down or something like that. I hope someone can help me.

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    I had the same issue with my 5s. Would shut down randomly from 30-20% for no reason, and when it powers on it asks for the charger.


    Traced it down to a buggy itunes/icloud backup (my backup pretty much was carried over from ios4/5/6 and finally 7.1 without having any issues.


    Restoring my backup didn't fix the issue, so I ended up using DiskAid to create a slim backup of pics and messages, without the settings prefrences.


    Via itunes, I wiped the phone, set it up as NEW phone, did not restore any itunes/icloud backup. Went to DiskAid restored the slim backup from there, the only pain was restoring the apps but it was a good time to clean them up. So far issue didn't show up, and notice improvement on the battery perfomance. Prior to this process my battery would run for 7hours (on average non-gaming use). Now 78% charge lived for 3 hours of phone use.


    Hope that helps!

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    ayshalab, I think you fixed it! I backed up all my data and then did a restore as a new phone (not from backup like the Apple store did) and it seems to be working as usual! It's only been less than a day, but there doesn't appear to be any excessive battery drainage. I'm going to let it run down to 0% to see if it'll actually go down to 0 and not randomly shut off, but I'm hopefull this has been the fix! If so, I'll be happy to transfer some files back and redownload my apps. Oh and maybe stop by the Apple store to tell them how stupid they are... I can't believe I've been putting up with this crap for almost a month! So glad I didn't buy a new battery right away.

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    Is this really a legitimate solution? Does it make sense for a restore to fix a battery issue? Any advice from the community would be helpful. I rarely have much free time and I'd like to avoid going through a backup/restore if it won't actually address the issue.

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    Awesome! I am glad it is sorted out! DiskAid was my helper in getting the slim backup without the messed up configs.

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    bowtieswami: with diskaid I did not have to spend much time really, it backed up my pics and messages/contacts.


    The only thing I spent time on was selecting the apps to install that is all.


    This method solved my random since restoring the phone more than 3 times using iTunes did not fix the shut down issue.

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    I think the backup migration from 7.0.x to 7.1 was the root of all evil for the randon shutdown issue. It did not occur when migrated from 6 to 7.0.x.


    All my updates were not OTA, but were initiated from Recovery Mode Resotre (Device wipe then upgrade).

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    I tried the 'reset as new iphone' part a few weeks ago. I was excited at first when I seemed to have dodged the drainage and random shutdowns. That lasted for only about 2-3 days before the issues returned, so I'm not about to try it again unless others have spent at least a week without the problem returning.

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    This isn't a software issue. I've the battery problem with iOS 6 around the 1 year mark. I only upgraded months later thinking it would fix the issue. But it's a battery issue and the Genius kept answering with "your battery has been consumed" over and over again with every question I asked. It's like they were trained to say that without acknowledging any theories.


    The only reason why people assume it's related to iOS7 is because it was released when most users have past the 1 year mark. Apple just put a crap battery in there rated for one year. That's it.

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    My Genius ran the battery diagnostics and since I was right there and was able to verify the battery tested okay, he couldn't use that excuse alone. Although he did say I needed to change the battery regardless, which didn't make much sense to me.


    It may be a combination of both the battery and software, but there are just too many of us who have the same issue regardless of when an iPhone was purchased. A friend of mine who bought a brand new iphone 5 in August then upgraded iOS had the same issue a month after he bought it. He was able to get it replaced of course since it was so close to his purchase date.


    Conventional wisdom leads to this being more than just a battery issue, in my humble opinion.


    Gotta stop commenting. Just dismissed the 20% charge message. Sigh...

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