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I am trying to download a digital copy into itunes and I come up with error -5000.  How can I resolve this?

Windows XP
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    Hey syndic,



    Thanks for the question. I understand you are experiencing error -5000 when attempting to download a digital copy. The following article outlines this error message, and the exact steps to resolve it:


    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting



    If you encounter this issue while while downloading Digital Copies using Windows:


    Use MSCONFIG (directions for Windows XP and Windows Vista/Windows 7) to disable conflicting software.


    If using MSCONFIG steps resolves the issue, you may want to use the System Configuration Utility to turn on the third-party System Services and Startup Items one at a time (restarting your computer after turning on the item or items) to identify which System Service or Startup Item is causing the conflict.


    You can turn all of them back on by selecting the Normal Startup option under the General tab of the System Configuration Utility window, but please note that this may cause the issue to reoccur.


    If you are able to isolate the issue to a particular third-party software, you may wish to contact them to let them know of the conflict.




    Matt M.