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    I would strongly suggest replacing the battery yourself which you can buy the battery and tool for under 20 dollars from amazon. Like you I took my phone in to apple which they told me my battery was good. My at the time was 18 months old. My phone would shut off with 30 to 50 percent. Would only turn on when I plugged it into the wall to turn it back on. I tried everything resetting the phone to factory setting, running the battery down and recharge it for 8 hours. Nothing worked. My last attempt was to replace the battery. I did it my self because I did not want to ripped off by apple. It has been almost 4 months now and have not had the phone shut off with 35 plus percentage left. Phone does not get hot when charging. I. Hope this helps.

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    I would agree with jdojao.  I bought the kit from iFixit.  And my phone works perfectly if it is brand new. 

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    Well, reporting back...I purchased a battery replacement kit from ifixit, replaced it myself (15mns) and Pouf! no more battery problem whatsoever since! 

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    I have this problem too, however i found a trick that might work for you too. Its very wired it only sometimes work for me, but if you hold down the Off/On button and the home button at the same time for about 1 - 1.5 sec's and then let go of the On/Off button while still holding the home button. Again it may not work for you.

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    Well it utrns out that if you ALL could access the diagnostics programs embedded from APPLE and check your batteries you'd see your batteries are probably past their useful life ~700hours or was it charges?


    They had to replace my battery for $80, but it also turned out that something else was wonky and they repaced the entire phone and I have had this over a year....


    So, you could try to change the battery yourselves through IFIXIT or IFIX what ever the site was and save $60.....because more than likely your batteries are done!!!!



    hope this helps and sorry I didn't report back sooner...



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    My daughter's iPhone 5 is on IOS7 and is having the same issues of battery loss and now very frequent power downs... I am running IOS6 and I had the same issue the other day... Besides doing everything besides a battery calibrate, I cleaned the lint and dirt out of my power slot and earphone slot with a thin plastic toothpick and I did the same with my daugters and they are both working normally now... Has anyone else tried and had succes with cleaning out the phone ports???

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    Can someone confirm if this was solved after ios 7.1 upgrade?

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    I don't think this is a software issue...when you think about it, at least my issue with cold temperature, it is a battery issue. Take it to the genius bar and have them tell you the condition of your battery.

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    Replace the battery yourself I guarantee you that will fix your issue you can take to apple store and get ripped off by paying 80 dollars or you can do it yourself. I had the same issue I took it to the apple store they told me my battery was good and that I had programs in the background that may be causing the battery to drain. I was told to restart the phone to factory settings. I did but continued to have the battery issue shutting down at 30 to 40 percent left. I tried the recalibration with no success. The replacement of the battery was the last ditch effort. That was 5 months ago, I have not had any battery issue since. I installed all my apps I had. Cold weather did not effect my phone at all. You can find YouTube videos on how to replace the battery and find the price for the battery and tool for less than 20 dollars on amazon 

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    Same problem here. Started dying a few months ago with 5-10% left. Just now it was 23% and died. My iPhone 5 is only 17 months old. Way too early for a battery to go. Seriously not cool, Apple. But thanks for all the good tips. I'm gonna try recalibrating and perhaps visit the Genious bar. If it fails I will replace the battery.

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    I have the problem a few times a week.  The following isn't uncommon:


    - phone reports 40-50% battery life (I've had it happen at 95% as well)

    - what appears to be a springboard crash, spinning wheel, then black screen

    - trying to power it up, it shows the depleted battery icon (connect to power source)



    I can wait 5 minutes and then it powers up no problem, again showing the original battery %.


    I've on occassion been able to use the phone normally until ~5% at which I'll plug it in.  Sometimes it will reboot 2 or 3 more times before I can continue to use it normally again.


    I'd say 75% of the time, my battery depletes down to a low (2-5%) level at a normal rate.


    It could certainly be a battery issue, but something stinks like software to me...

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    Replace the battery not a software issue. Had the same issue when my phone was only 18 months. Replaced the battery about 5 months ago never had the issue again. See my other posts.

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    It's most likely your battery.  Go to the Apple store, the little bit of money you save by going to 3rd party resellers could end up costing you more if the issue doesn't end up being the battery.  For $80 Apple does it for you and gives you 90 days warranty on the battery and their service. 


    If the fix doesn't work and they can't figure it out when you go back, guess what.... you most likely will end up with a replacement phone.

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    80 dollars is a rip off I would replace the battery yourself for less than 15 dollars. You can buy the tools and battery on amazon. Go to YouTube to watch a how to video. I bought my battery from amazon and it was the same exact battery for 6 dollars. Go on 6 months now and still have not have any issue. Apple store is a rip off

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