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  • jailcounselor Level 1 (0 points)

    The Iphone 5 shuts down when temperature drops below freezing. Were you taking pictures outside in the cold?

  • Taedee Level 1 (0 points)

    It's have nothing with iOS 7 !

    I still didn't update my iOS and still have

    The iOS 6.x.x and have same issue my iPhone shuts

    Down at 25% ~~ 38% and never turn on until I plug

    The charger ! I Hate iPhone      

  • Taedee Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I'm from Egypt and its not cold ! And I'm using my iPhone

    At home and it always warm ! Still my iPhone shut off at 25%~ 38%

    I don't think that's the problem !

  • jdojao Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue where my iPhone 5, which is 15 months old, the phone would shut off when I would have 30 to 50 percent. The phone would not turn on until I plug it in to charge. Less than a minute later aft rebooting the phone would show 50 plus percent.  The phone would be ok for the rest of day with that 1 minute charge. I have noticed a few times where I would get the popup message stating that my battery is below 20 percent but when I plug it in the phone jumps back up to 50 to 60 percent immediately. I took my phone to the apple store where they ran a test on the battery. I was told that the battery was borderline good. My phone is out of warranty. Since I updated to the os7.03 is when I started to have battery issues. I truly believe this is a os7 issue and not a battery issue. This is my first iPhone and probably be my last if apple does not correct this issue.

  • *jinxed72* Level 1 (0 points)

    How do you do an "online diagnosis"?

  • jailcounselor Level 1 (0 points)

    Perhaps your phone got too hot? I am just guessing.

  • Dishwalla Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the iphone 5 (third iphone I've owned) and experiencing the same problems. I've never had such a bad battery. It dies fast and shuts off as early as 43%. I'll only get about 2 hours of usage out of it and then it's toast.


    I've brought it into the Apple store and they ran diagnostics and said, nope, it's not bad enough for us to replace it. This infuriates me. It's the worst Apple product I've ever owned. I also don't feel as though I should be on the hook to pay for Apples crappy battery. My brothers Android still had plenty of battery left when my phone was dead...


    Unimpressed Apple.

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    I have the same problem. Started with ios6. With ios7.03, I can do a hard reboot and it will restart and show the correct power (last time it was 74%). With ios6 I had to plug in.

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    My Iphone 4S battery life is great. Phone operates normally, UNTIL I AM HIKING. I'll text and hike, or listen to music and the battery drains at an alarming rate, then shuts down at between 30-40%. THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I AM HIKING! Add to this, when I'm out hiking with my girlfriend, her 5 shuts down in the same manner. That tells me it's a common defect to do with the conditions that exist when I'm hiking. I've done a factory reset and the issue still exists. Otherwise, phone works great. Just don't depend on it if you are lost in the woods. Judging by common complaints, I'm not the only one with this issue.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    OK, there are a couple of things to consider. When you are hiking you are generally further away from cell towers. The result is the signal will be weaker. Look at the signal strength display on the phone and you will probably see one or two bars, instead of the 5 that you would see in an urban setting. When the signal strength is low the phone increases the transmitter power to maintain a connection. One bar requires about 10 times the signal strength as 5 bars (500 mw for 1 bar, 60 mw for 5 bars). So this is going to drain the battery much faster if you are using cellular data or voice (text goes over the voice channel).


    Next, if you lose signal entirely the phone keeps trying to re-establish a connection, and it does this by transmitting an "are you there?" message about once a minute, at full power. So having no cellular service paradoxically uses more power than having a signal, even a weak one.


    Third, if the weather is cold the capacity of the battery is reduced. Lithium batteries lose 10-20% of their capacity when the temperature approaches freezing. So in cold weather keep your phone in an inside coat pocket.


    And finally, to be prepared for emergencies get a backup battery pack that you can use to recharge the phone if needed. There are plenty on the market; I have 3 different ones, a 4,000 mah, a 6,000 mah and a 10,000 mah. As it takes about 2000 mah to fully charge an iPhone from "empty" I can add two more charges with the 4,000, to 5 more charges with the 10,000. this proved quite valuable after hurricane Sandy last year, when we lost power for 10 days. We still had working cell phones.

  • Josefina3 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an iPhone 5 purchased when it first launched in 2012. I've been having battery issues for a little while now. I first noticed it when my phone shut off  with 20% remaining while I was trying to send a text message. I would try to turn it back on, but it would tell me to charge the phone. As soon as I plugged it in, it immediately jumped to 20%. However, if I waited a few minutes, it would turn on and I could sometimes use it until it got to 1%. Recently, I took a trip and turned the phone off before taking off on my flight. The battery was at around 50-60%. When I landed and turned the phone back on, it was at 20%.


    I went to the Apple Store today (Dec 29th) and had them run a diagnostic. They told me it was likely a battery issue. Since I'm the warranty has expired, I have to pay $80 to replace the battery. My problem with this is that I've had the phone for just a little over a year. I don't overuse the phone. I don't play a lot of video or games on it. But, after shelling out $300 for the phone a year ago, I NOW need to shell out another $80 to get it working properly?! That is so frustrating. This is the fourth iPhone I've had, and I've never had the battery go out on me like this. From all that I've read, it sounds like this issue is becoming more common with users. I wish Apple would stand behind their product, admit there's some underlying issue, and replace the battery for free.

  • OSSRK79 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for all the tips, I'm sure they will help. It's only been in the last 6 months I have he the issue. A others have said, when I plug back in it shows 40% or so on the battery life.

  • thehotrod Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I commented earlier in this thread about having this problem.  I did a restore from good.  In November, I finally did a complete restore and setup as new.  It seemed to improve things for  week or so.  But then it started shutting down at random percentages less then 50%.  I now have a Boostcase and I love it.   But I also ordered a battery from iFixit, and I'll be replacing my battery this afternoon.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

  • jdojao Level 1 (0 points)

    I replaced the battery on my phone 5 thinking this will fix my issue. For about a week I had no issues. Today my phone shut off when it was plugged in!! When trying to power it back on it gave the dead battery indicator. Then 2 seconds later the phone rebooted showing 100%. This happened twice today. When it shut off I was running pandora. The battery is brand new. So far I have not the phone shut off at 50 percent. But it is troubling to me that the phone would shut off for no reason while it was plugged in. I have already done a full re-boot on the phone. I truly believe there is a bug in the os 7. I currently have os 7.4 installed

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    I have a 4S and it still happens to me. Never before ios 7 update. It sounds like from the posts that Apple's own software update is effecting performance. There is nothing wrong with my battery and won't be bothered to check it at an Apple store. It sounds like Apple can't be asked to deal with the software issue but are happy to rip off customers selling them $80 batteries they don't need.


    To be honest I've been iPhone for years. I'm done after this. The quality of the software has just gotten progressively worse. I've done a hard re-set and this calibrating batteries advice seems nonsense to me. The ios update is the root of the battery issue for me.

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