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I want to save on my mouse's battery life, but after putting my iMac to sleep for the night, I turn off my mouse and my computer wakes up. Then I have to try all over again. I've given up turning off my mouse at night. Feel like bead brain - any ideas would be appreciated.


PS I looked in mouse preferences, but nothing caught my eye.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), New computer
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    The action of turning off the mouse reawakens your Mac.  It is the equivelent of pressing any key.


    I don't think you will save but a miniscule amount by turning it off.   I leave mine on.


    I did experiment by using my old corded mouse to turn it off but it was too mush of a hassle.   You could go to Systems prefs and set Energy saver > Display sleep to one minute.

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    Thanks for replying. I suppose to turn it off overnight doesn't save much energy, although I am replacing the 2 batteries quite often.

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    My experience of batteries is also unsatisfactory.   I am currently having words about the quality of the Apple charger and batteries; I rarely get more than ten days from a 100% start.   I'll keep you posted if I learn something.


    Incidentally, if you click your own post as helpful, it registers neither in your favour or in favour of anyone else you may have intended.

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    You could turn the mouse off first then Press the power button, don't hold it down just Press it, and a selection box will come up with 4 options, Sleep, Restart, Shut Down and Cancel. To put the system to sleep just press the s key on the keyboard. The system will go to sleep.


    Personally I leave my battery powered wireless mouse on. It goes to sleep, actually Standby, all by itself if it isn't moved for a period of time.

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    Where is the "power button" on the iMac? I'm a new owner.


    Otherwise, I think I will just leave it on so that as you say it can go "to sleep" on its own. Thanks.

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    Actually, I meant to recheck under your answer that you "helped me," not "solved my problem." But whatever, at least you tried.

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    I guessed that was the case and thank you.  The power button on mine is on the back casing, bottom left. 


    Again, incidentally, you really don't need to turn off your Mac overnight.  The power usage is minimal.   Just put it to sleep and in the morning it will greet you with a big smile once you press any key.


    I'll tell you what happened on Friday.   What battery charger do you have to cope with your mouse and keyboard?

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    Yes, I just put it to sleep. No battery charger - I buy reg AA's.

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    I promised to come back although it doesn't exactly run with your needs.   I have had trouble with using the Apple Charger and Batteries.   I prefered to use rechargables because it gave me greater certainty of availability; at least I saw it that way.


    The batteries were running down in as little as 8 to10 days with relatively modest use of the machine.   So I numbered the batteries, checked them and tested them over a two month period, and today presented the results to my local Apple store.


    The charger and the batteries were replaced with no quibble at all.  So while I hope the replacements will prove better, I'm happy to say, well done Apple.

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    Interesting. Hadn't thought about rechargables. Will look into them. I use my computer most of the day every day for work/pleasure. But I live in midtown eastside Manhattan so I can get brand name batteries like Duracell or Energizer at discont stores all over my neighborhood. Thanks. again.

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    Change this setting:

    In System Preferences (click the Apple icon in the top-left of your screen, then System Preferences...), click on "Bluetooth", then click the "Advanced..." button in the lower-right corner of that window. Un-check the box next to "Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer." That's it, you can then turn off your mouse, save some battery life, and your iMac will stay asleep.


    Then, to wake your computer back up from sleep, instead of pressing a key or wiggling/clicking your mouse (which won't wake it up anymore), just press (DON'T hold) the power button on the back of your iMac. It'll wake right up.


    Good luck!