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When I turn laptop on, the 'login' message appears as usual.  I log in and a message appears "You are unable to use Denise's account at this time".  I kept trying, so the message changed to Master login - I assumed this was the Administor login, I couldn't remember and kept trying passwords. Again the same message.


I tried turning computer off and restarting several times - same message.

I tried using the utility disc to reset passwords - same message.


What does this mean?  How to fix?  There are no other users to choose another user.


I really need to get this working - I have 4 stores on-line that I need to access.

I am not extremely computer savy - so please answer in easy-talk.  Thanks so much, any help would be appreciated!!



iBook, OS G4 Safari
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    You may want to find a consultant or buy a new machine.


    write down your passwords on a piece of paper & store in a secure location.


    Did you turn on filevault?


    I an not familiar with this message.  Seems to be saying that your files could not be found.


    Run disk utility to repair the disk.


    How to create a new admin id.




    I suspect disk corruptions.


    verify & repair your startup drive

    To verify & repair you file system on the startup drive, you will need to run disk utility from you installation DVD.


    This article  will tell you how to get to disk utility.  Once in a disk utility, you can go and attempt to recover the disk.


    To repair your startup drive, you will need to run disk utility from your startup DVD.
    Mac OS X 10.4: About the utilities available on the Mac OS X 10.4 Install DVD



    How to run disk utility from your startup DVD.

    1. Insert your  startup DVD  into your reader.  Power down your machine.  Hold down to the c key.  Power on your machine.  This will bootup your startup DVD.
    2. This will bring you to a panel asking you for your language.  Pick your language.
    3. initial boot screen dvd.jpg


    5. You you come to the Install Mac OS panel.  Do not install.
    6. Click on Utilities menu item.  This will give you a pulldown list of utilities.
    7. Click on the disk utility.
      cd pulldown.jpg
    8. You are now in disk utility.  Pick your disk.  Click on repair it should be on the lower right of the panel. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4020/4307921456_2064c6612c.jpg
    9. Once the repair completes successfully, you should update your permissions.




    Get the Mac to set up  an additional administrative account.  You can then change the password on your old account. 


    Start with your computer power off.  Hold down command-s. Power on your computer.   


    Type in the following: 


    The first two commands will depend on your release of Mac OS X.  Look at what is typed out in the console to determine the exact format. 

    # Type the follow two instructions to access the startup disk in read/write. Press return after each command. 

    # in case of partial success repeat this command until errors go away.

    /sbin/fsck -fy 

    /sbin/mount -uw / 


    cd /var/db 


    #List all files. The l is a lower case L. 

    ls -a 

    #The move command acts as a rename command in this format. 

    mv -i  .applesetupdone .applesetupdone.old 


    # reboot  your mac

    shutdown -r now


    Once you've done that the computer reboots and it's like the first time you used the machine. Your old accounts are all safe. From there you just change all other account passwords in the account preferences!! 

    Limnos adds detailed explainations: 



    The above the idea came from a post by JoseAranda at September 9, 2006 3:48 AM 


    You will need to scroll down to see this post.  Search for applesetupdone 


    This method is mentioned in an apple support page without giving an explanation.


    Once you have a new administrative account, you can change the password of your old administrative account 

    blue apple > System Preferences > Accounts 

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    Thank you so much for replying quickly!  I can't turn on firefault or check it, because I can't login to that computer. (I am borrowing one).  Yes, I really need a new computer!  I just can't afford one at the present time.  (I am asking family/friends if anyone has one at a very reasonable price)  I have been in the Utility section, (as I was already trying to change my passwords, which didn't work.)  So, I am familiar with that process.  But,  I do believe the passwords were exactly correct, because I use it daily and login quite often without problem - so I don't think that could have been the problem.  Prior to this happening, the plug fell out and so it was shutdown improperly.


    I appreciate you taking it further and suggesting the Repair startup drive.  I was afraid to start doing that without someone advising me to do so - which you have.  So, I will try that and see!  Parts of it seem quite detailed, so I hope I can manage it. I have been out of work (lost my business), and I just finally found work again - Murphy's Law, as soon as you get a job to get make the ropes meet - things start happening that pull the ropes right out from under you!

    Thank you!!  Denise

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    Try a safe boot.

         Shutdown your machine.  Hold down the shift key.  Poweron.  Wait awhile; wait awhile while you harddrive

         is being checked.



    Will leave out some apps.  This could help.




    you can try adding another account.


    See this section of my prior post.  You may have missed it.



    Start with your computer power off.  Hold down command-s. Power on your computer.