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Ever since I updated to the latest software, my Mail Version 6.6 (1510) intermittantly works.  I continuously have to change the port.  Sometimes it's good but most of the time it doesn't work when "sending" mail.  The smptout.secureserver.net (through go daddy) which has worked for the lasts 10 years is no longer working.  I have taken off the ssl, deleted the mail account and reset it up again.  This happens on all of my devices.  Intermittant.  I have called support and when we change the port it works and when I get off the phone... it doesn't.


I have never had any mail issues until I upgraded.  Please help!  I send several emails a day.

iMac7,1, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Sometimes problems like this are caused by an overloaded Server, or by problems with the Server that takes it offline.


    Do not be in a big hurry to blame your Mac. It could be your Mail provider is the one having the problem. This is likely to be so if you are having the same access difficulties from multiple devices.


    Java (the article tagged in your initial post) should have NOTHING to do with Mail.