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rowan. Level 1 (0 points)

My MacBook broke and I want to install FCP7 on my new Macbook but want to keep it on my iMac.


Is it impossible to install onto a third device? I have all the disks.


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  • RatVega™ Level 4 (2,005 points)

    It's discontinued software that Apple clearly doesn't care much about...  There may be some problems getting it to install with the newer OS, so read the archives about that.


    But go ahead and install Studio on your new MacBook; there is no magical installation counter, it's just that you can't have it running on two networked Macs.

  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,795 points)

    The license is for (1) desktop and (1) laptop...as long as you aren't running it on both at the same time. If your laptop breaks, and you install it on another one...you are fine.  Still well within the EULA.