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The issue I'm having is that if if I try to start a song, I tap a song name and it plays the immediate next one in the list. I tap the one above the song I want to play and it plays the song directly beneath it. The only solution is to close the app completely and restart it. That seems to fix it until I wake my iPad and go back into the Music app. Basically, every time I sleep/wake my iPad I have to restart the Music app or it starts flaking out.


Also, while scrolling a playlist or song list, the inertial scroll will come to a stop and the list will jump around like there's erroneous touch input coming from somewhere. It only does it immediately after I stop scrolling.


I've restored my iPad thinking it was a corrupted file somewhere, but no luck. I'm guessing this is just a bug in the Music app? Is anyone else seeing this?

iPad, iOS 7.0.2