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Hey, I am using Macbook Leopard 10.5, Yesterday while i was working it was on low battery i thought to connect it later, but all of a suddent its stopped fucntioning and everything goes blank. I thought it might be a Battery problem, but even after connecting charger for 2-3 hours, its not booting up. Only the Apple screen comes and then it goes shut down automatically.
I even tried to fix it using Apple CD, Disk utility, When i tried to Verify the disk It shows following error :


Disk cannot be repaired or verify.


And details : Invalid Node structure

                    Volume needs to be repaired error : Filesystem verify or repair failed.



I have very important Data on this disk, so i cannot even erase it.
Suggest me somehting. It have enough space to install new OS but System shows you need erase it.


I have tried to use Apple Hardware test by Holding D key, But its not working.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)