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I am trying to purchase more storage and payment method was declined. i entered a new payment method and still unable to purchase. any other way to purchase space ?

iPhone 5c, iOS 7.0.2
  • Michael R Roberts Level 1 (10 points)

    Same problem.
    I verified the payment information was correct four times.  I even cleared the fields and re-entered.  I also tried from my phone and from my iMac.  Just incase one version wasn't working properly.  No Luck.  I found in a forum if you have a middle initial on your card and not on the itunes info then it can fail.  so I corrected that as well and still no luck.


    Let me know if you find out how to do it!

  • Michael R Roberts Level 1 (10 points)

    **I was finnally able to upgrade my iCloud storage.  For some reason it would NOT accept the normal credit card it was accepting for all my other iTunes purchases.  So I gave up and switched to syncing a paypal account which worked right away.  Very annoying that I can't use my normal CC but atleast this was a work around.*