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My phone went into a restart loop while charging and woke me up in middle of the night.  I thought something was wrong with my phone until I found out nect day that severall people at work also had similar experienece one or twice after upgrading to ios7.  Apple should look into fixing this bug.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2
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    Have a question for you... Do you and the other people who had this issue have Exchange mail synced on your phone????

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    Correct, we all have company Exchange email synced to the IPhone

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    Thank you. We have over 100 iPhones used in our business and they all have Exchange mail synced to them. About 20 of our iPhones have had the "reboot loop". We are thinking it may be due to some sort of bug in iOS7 and Exchange but can't seem to figure out what or why. We have reset phones, had phones replaced and the issue continues. We have sent this issue off to the Apple engineers and are waiting for a response.

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    I have the same problem, My phone getting rebooted continuously, I have updated IOS 7 two weeks ago, please respond if there is any fix available. Thank you!!

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    This problem occurs on 6 of the 10 iPhones in my department (at a ~300 person org).


    Our IT Director mentioned that this is a known issue with Microsoft Exchange, but many NYC Apple Store employees haven't heard of it, and some of my colleagues have replaced their phones (only to have the looping issue recur).


    IT also suggested that deleting and re-adding your Exchange Calendar should fix the issue, but we have had decidedly mixed results.