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Okay so, i bought a brand new unopened iphone 5 on ebay. The camera did not work so I called apple and told them, and I went through with the express replacement where they send me a new iphone and I mail in the defective one that I have. I am under warranty and everthing, so they told me its just a 29$ fee. I checked my bank activity just now, and apple has charged me the 29$ AND $610.42!!!!! Where did 610 dollars come from?!!? I tried calling apple, but they are now closed since it is past 10pm. I am going to the bank first thing tomorrow morning to stop the transaction, but I was wondering if anyone had this type of trouble before and/or if they could tell me why I was charged 610 dollars. It makes no sense to me.

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    This is how express replacement works.  Apple places a hold on the users account for the value of the iPhone in the event the user does not return the defective iPhone being replaced.


    Once the defective iPhone has been returned, the charge will come off the account.

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    Ad diesel said, that's the way it works. They authorize the price of a new phone against your card. If you do not retrun the defective phone, they will charge you for the replacement. If you return it, the charge will be reversed.


    Also, just FYI: "i bought a brand new unopened iphone 5 on ebay"... there is no such thing. Just like you can't buy a brand new car from your next door neighbor (unless they own a dealership of course). There are no authorized sources for iPhones on ebay. It's remotely possible that the phone is, in fact, unopened and in new condition... however, it ceased being "new" the minute it was purchased from Apple or a carrier.

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    That is not true. Any iPhone ceases being "new" when it is activated for the first time.

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    I beg to differ. The phone stops being "new" the minute it's purchased from a legitimate distributor. Just like a car stops being new when it's sold by the dealer. The warranty period starts when it's first sold.