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ok, So I have A macbook pro core duo, and last week It had a minor incident with being dropped (not very hard, or from a height, lame.) and now the hard drive is damaged so I'm trying to recover it with DDrescue.


ok, so when I started it was going very slow, like, only bytes or maybe a few kb. then I changed the script a bit:


sudo ddrescue -f -n -c 1Ki  /dev/rdisk1 /dev/rdisk2 nsclone.log


which sped it up a bit:


rescued:     9678 MB,  errsize:    309 MB,  current rate:    47662 B/s

   ipos:     9988 MB,   errors:     644,    average rate:     102 kB/s

   opos:     9988 MB,    time since last successful read:       0 s

Copying non-tried blocks...


but compared to other people who I hear about getting 20mg average, this is really slow.


so Q1 - can I speed this up some more"


Q2 - 10gigs in, I have 309mb of damage - is that a lot of damage? how badly damaged is this disk?


I did manage to get a few key things off it before starting this process, as it still ran but had errors.


Any advice on how to make the process faster, or on how damaged the disk is - i.e should I just accept its dead and not spend 2 months trying to recover it.

MacBook Pro (17-inch 2.4 GHz), iOS 6.1.4