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I have just upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion and am checking through everything.  Most things appear ok (even if Mail is rather different....)  However two vital things I need appear incorrect:


1.  I run several calendars and manage my whole work via them - I see clients for two practices and manage them via my calendars plus everything else.  It appears that my work calendars and a few others have disappeared (including all my booked clients for tomorrow!!!) and it even appears to have picked up a recurring calendar item that I deleted 12 months ago.....  Really hoping this will be quick and easy to fix!



2.  I have been using Notes within Mail for everything - I no longer use a pen and paper.  It's great that Notes have been moved out to be on their own but where are all my notes with details of all sorts of vital things?



Hoping you can provide some urgent suggestions as it is 10:49 pm here, so Apple Support is not available till 9:00am tomorrow and I need to know a few things  before then (like, what clients do I have when, and what is the Case Number of the Apple Support call I made this morning about this install?)




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