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Recently, I changed wireless services from AT&T to Sprint. Because Sprint does not use a sims card with their version of the IPhone 4S, I had to exchange phones.  I already had my ringtones backed up on my PC with Itunes and as a safety precaution, I backed everything up  on ICloud.  After service was changed,  IOS 7 upgraded to the new phone, and the transfer of all my info from ICloud performed, I noticed none of the ringtones I purchased were on my new phone. I no longer have the old phone and I upgraded ITunes on my PC.......they are missing from my PC too!  What can be done about this?  I've also noticed that everytime I do an upgrade on my PC, some of my music goes missing. I've invested too much money into purchasing music, apps, and ringtones and I can't continuously afford to replace them.  Please help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2
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    Ringtones should be in iTunes on your computer.  Synch them to your phone. 

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    Where do I look?  I tried to locate them in ITunes and I can't find them. Doesn't even list them

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    If the ringtones are not in your iTunes library, then you probably didn't save/sych the ringtones as intended.   They're most likely gone.  Purchased ringtones are a one-time download only.  You'll need to purchase them again.


    It is the user's responsibility to maintain the safety and security if his/her data.  Purchased ringtones should have been synched with iTunes to ensure they are safe and sound in the iTunes library.  Of course, you are backing up your computer, too, right?