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Hi y'all,


I'm having a problem I haven't run into before. After recently restoring my iPhone (and setting it up for iCloud, in case that matters here), I cannot seem to add my Gmail account to Mail. I have tried both through Mail and through Settings and I getthe same result, namely:


     * I enter my information (name, username, password, description)


     * the iPhone gives me checkmarks on each of those and tells me the account is Verified


     * The "Adding Account" notification appears at the top of the screen with the spinning wheel... and remains there indefinitely.


I have searched and can't find other people with this issue, or any solution to why the phone would hang on to the "Adding Account" portion after the account has been Verified.


Can anyone offer any ideas or help?



iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2
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    I can't believe this question was never answered. Did you ever end up figuring it out?

    I just restored an iPhone 4s to 7.0.4 and I can't add Gmail thru exchange (like I have for years) and I can't add Gmail through the native selection. Both verify my username and password, and then sit on "Adding Account" indefinitely. Even if you force close settings, then reopen settings, no account has been added.

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    Try using the GMail app.

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    derezzer wrote:


    I just restored an iPhone 4s to 7.0.4 and I can't add Gmail thru exchange (like I have for years) ...

    Google pulled the plug on Active Sync almost a year ago, though if you had it before 1/31/13 you may still be able to use it but only on the device it was activated with.  Restoring should not affect this, but if you were setting up a new iOS device you can't use Exchange.


    I suspect that the problem you and the poster above you are having is related to Google's "two-step verification" process.  This hasn't affected me but other users have had to disable (or maybe enable) this from a computer.  The other thing that can hang up a Gmail setup is if you're on a Wi-Fi network that blocks such activity, such as a company network.


    Worse case, try resetting or even restoring again to see if it works.  Or, use the Gmail app (which I hate, terrible UI).

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    FIXED!!!!! This problem was weirder than I thought. I'll try to be very specific and include all the keywords I searched for, so that people can find this thread and fix this.


    Under "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" I couldn't add any type of account, couldn't delete my iCloud account, or change any settings. Didn't matter whether it was gmail, exchange, yahoo, or even carddav. Adding accounts would verify, but once I hit "Save" it would get stuck on "Adding Accounts" with the spinning circle. Adding a carddav account would verify, but the "save" button on the top right was greyed out, and the "Back" button was greyed out as well, forcing me to force close the Settings app. Attempting to delete the iCloud account would freeze the Settings app as well.


    I have fixed this problem by restoring the phone, skipping the setup of iCloud, then adding the email account. I found this solution at https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3457089 where only the answer to the original post solved my problem. Unlike that poster, however, I was able to actually access the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" settings, I was just not able to make any changes whatsoever. I have not tried adding my iCloud account back in, but the other poster tried adding it, and he stopped receiving emails from the non-iCloud account.

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    Hey y'all. OP here...


    I'm glad (and surprised) to see this issue resurrected after so long. Full disclosure: this was my girlfriend's phone and we still haven't found a great solution... though we did settle on the one that's now being discussed, and was being discussed in the other thread as well.


    Sadly, it seems like the best solution is "Oh well, no iCloud for me." I wish we were able to do this and have contacts, mail, photos, etc. sync over iCloud but it looks like whatever glitch is going on with Google and Mail just won't let that happen.


    I'll still keep my fingers crossed that there is a solution in the works, but at the moment, after so much use of the phone, resetting it seems like a dangerous option. (we've lost a lot of contacts before)


    Thanks again for all of the renewed interest!