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I am trying to edit images in a Keynote Smart Build. I have done this numerous times previously but now the drag-and-drop gallery is missing so I can't rearrange or delete images. Is there any way to get the gallery box back?

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    You can bring back the drag-and-drop gallery in a Smart Build by opening the Inspector, then changing the Effect in the Motion tab.  For example, if you had the Smart Build set to Dissolve between pictures, change it to anything else (except None) and the gallery comes back.  You can then change the Effect back to what you want.  Don't change it to None because that deletes the smart build and makes each element picture an independent object.

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    Thanks Dale for the suggestion!


    However, it does not work for me


    Would you be able to give me more details on what needs to be done?


    I am so annoyed that Apple decided to remove this great and simple functionality from Keynote.

    Why have they decided to make my life a misery !?!?!?


    Thanks so much in advance.


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    I finally managed to do it. \o/


    This video was really helpful to understand how Keynote works:




    Apple, please bring back the simplicity of the original Smart Build.

    Spending over 30 minutes to have transitions between 3 images is not what I expect from Keynote.

    Especially when I used to do it in less than 5 minutes...

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    Gael, What did you have to do to bring back the Smart Build drag-and-drop gallery? 


    If your plea to Apple is about the changes to Keynote in the new version (6.0) that was released with Mavericks, you might want to also submit your feedback to Apple here: