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I've read for years the clean-up programs are not safe to use, so I haven't. Now that I see that some are at the App Store, though, I wonder if that changes anything? Why would Apple allow dangerous programs in the App Store? It would be a dream come true if I could somehow get rid of acummulated copies from many years on my new iMac.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I've never used any and don't see the need to clean up duplicates.

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    I guess your situation is very, very different from mine. I have duplicates galore from needing to use several computers from place to place, from time to time, over the years, long before any cloud existed, other than those in the atmosphere. Files used to have to be copied, burned onto disks, added to a different computer. There they'd be worked on, changed, shared with others, returned, and then have to be returned to the original computer. It was quite the nightmare to try to keep up with and remove all the older versions.


    Of course, I'm 60 years old. Maybe that has something to do with all the accumulation? 30 years of Apple computers and files. It can be a problem.

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    Well, I'm 73 and have been using Macs since they released the first one. Before that Apple II and Lisa.


    However, I don't have the same issues as you're experiencing.

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    Don't listen to the old man who is still listening to the Grateful Dead on OSX 9.2.2. I'm just 68, still kickin it Mac Style. For Removing duplicate Apps and the mess they leave behind I trust AppCleaner. For File dupes, use spotlight and bring it up in Finder and start plinking away.

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    Man alive, we've populated a discussion with geezers! My first was an Apple IIc. I was stunned at its wonderfulness. I've continued to be stunned over the years, and could never have ever imagined something like the internet.


    As for the mess that are my files, I've never been a great housekeeper. <--understatement.


    Tempus fugit, eh?

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    Hey, youngster! I resemble that remark, but never listen to the Grateful Dead. Tchaikovsky and his mates, along with mainstream jazz, are more to my liking, but only on my exotic stereo system, not some lame dead computer or iOS toy. As for 9.2.2, it allows me to run Claris Draw, the best drawing program I've come across.