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Mr. Mctev Level 1 Level 1

I had an outside company shoot an event and they put the footage on my

XHD. They are P2 files which I have never worked with before.

After reading a few discussions it looks like Log and Trasfer is the way to go?

Do I need a converter ?driver etc to convert the P2 files before

I import into Log and transfer.


Please help.



  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    P2 support is built in.  Here's the workflow:



    I HOPE they kept the full card structure intact...

  • Mr. Mctev Level 1 Level 1


    P2 Support is built in-?

    Not sure what that means since-

    I went to the link and your video, you said to go to the mfg for the driver.

    At the Panasonic site it said:


    P2 Driver

    Download the software driver for your PC or MAC system to recognize the 32GB and 16GB P2 card.


    But the download said it's for Windows and nothing about the mac.

    Download this one anyway?

    Am I only a driver away?


    Since I don't have the original footage and they downloaded the

    clips on my XHD I would be starting from there once I have the driver.



  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    The P2 driver for L&T is built in.  No download needed. There was software for your computer to recognize the 32GB get them to mount. But your footage has already been downloaded.


    Did they keep the full card structure? There are a lot of people who just grab the files they THINK they need, and not the whole thing. If the card structure isn't fully intact, L&T won't work. And you'll have to look at third party solutions.

  • Mr. Mctev Level 1 Level 1

    Shane, This the warning I get when I try to import.



    Here are my contents: Is this a full card structure?




  • Mr. Mctev Level 1 Level 1

    Hmmm I see my pictures don't work??

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    Send them to me direct. comeback at mac dot com.

  • Mr. Mctev Level 1 Level 1

    Here they are.

    Gov Grab.png

    Content grab.png

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    OH...It's not the card's AVCIntra.


    FCP 6 might not support AVCIntra. it does support DVCPRO HD P2...but AVCIntra came out after FCP 6...Hmmm...There might be an updated FCP 6 for that.  Are you running FCP 6.0.4?

  • Mr. Mctev Level 1 Level 1

    Here is shown the video files that won't highlight.

    I am currently running FCP 6.0.6

    Video file grab.png

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8 have the last version of that.

  don't go digging into folders with Log and Transfer. You don't even select the CONTENTS folder. YOu need to select the folder that the Contents folder and Lastclip.txt file are inside. So you have a folder called CARD_01...or whatever. And inside there is CONTENTS and LASTCLIP.TXT...and then the subfolders.  Select the CARD_01 folder in Log and Transfer. And the folder should have no odd characters in it like !@#%^&*()

  • Mr. Mctev Level 1 Level 1

    These are my choices.

    Preferences Grab.png

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    Yes...those are the choices for converting...good, so AVCINTRA is there.  Now you need to answer my last question...are you choosing the ROOT folder...not the CONTENTS folder, not folders buried in that, and NOT the files themselves. But the folder that the CONTENTS folder is I state on my tutorial demo.

  • Mr. Mctev Level 1 Level 1

    I'm trying to select the first folder 50613 Gov Snyder Event-Do you see anything wrong with the way it's named?

    Gov fold grab.png

    The contents of the folder-just to show how it shows when it is opened.

    Contents Last Clip.png

    This is what comes up after I select 50613 Gov Snyder Event

    Gov Grab.png

    When I first started this and found out you need a LASTCLIP.TXT

    it wasn't with the content folder on the XHD a and they

    emailed these 2 for me to use. Does it matter which one to use?

    Hope this helps.

    Last clip2 grab.png

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    Yes...the name of the hard drive is "XHD 5/12." The drive is on the path to the footage...FCP cannot get past anything on the path that has a character like a slash /


    Change the drive name to XHD 5_12 and see what happens.

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