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I have my ipod connected to my computer it won't blink. Its not showing up on my computer or itunes. I tried plug the usb to an outlet still won'tt blink for a charge. Btw Its dead so it won't come on.  dying without music.What do i do? I really can't send it back. Is there any hope?

iPod shuffle, Windows XP
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    Mac OS X

    This is a 4th gen shuffle?  Are you using it with the USB cable it came with?


    Is this shuffle new to you?  Or did it previously work with your computer, using the same USB cable and same USB port, and does not work now?

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    It's a 4th gen shuffle. I'm using the USB that it came with. I've been having it about a year now. It work with my computer fine, now its not at all. I'm using the same USB port and everything. Its not charging or turning on anymore.

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    As a test, I would shut down (power off) the computer and disconnect all USB devices including hub, except for standard keyboard and mouse if normally used.  Do this to reset the shuffle




    Start up the computer, run iTunes, and connect the shuffle to a direct USB port on the computer.


    If that does not help...  Since it worked previously on the same computer with no changes to software, we'll assume the cause is not software-related (Windows or iTunes).  Then, the remaining possibilities are:


    Problem with USB port - You can rule this out by connecting something else to that USB port, preferably something similar like a USB flash drive.


    Faulty USB docking cable - You'll need to try a different USB cable or use that cable with another working shuffle (3rd or 4th gen), to rule this out.


    Problem on shuffle - If the problem is not the USB port or the cable, it is likely to be on the shuffle itself.  If the shuffle is less than one year from purchase date, it is under warranty.  If there is an Apple Store nearby, you can make a reservation at the store's Genius Bar and take it there and have the tech support person there take a look.

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    I just bought a brand new iPod shuffle 4th Generation and it works when plugged into the computer... but when I unplug it from the computer, it won't do a darn thing.


    Thoughts anyone?