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Are these numbers embedded in the hardware of my iphone or can these numbers be changed

Via software or app?  My phone has been having problems for a few weeks now... Calender events

Erased, photos deleted from both Icloud and 3rd party apps installed on my iphone, random spikes in data

use on certain days. (As of 10/17 3:30p, 1.3gb of 2gb already used w/2 wks left) My ave. is about 1.5gb/mo.

I have "Fing" & "Inet pro" network scanning apps installed and both are consistent in my MAC address and

UDID Numbers different than in previous scans from a month prior.


I have a problem with someone stalking me via hacking into our home nw. & possibly cell phone.  This stalking has been

going on for several yrs now. But No proof no arrest. This person

has extensive knowledge in computers and electronics, w/ advanced-user skills in anything electronic.

I have reason to believe that my iphone might be hacked or even replaced with another Iphone device after discovery

of  MAC/UDID changes.  Also, scan reports list my Iphone as "vendor unknown", when in all previous scans "Apple" was

identified. This person has gained access to my home & personal property in the past so access to my Iphone is a possibility.


* previous MAC address= BC:52:B7:6A:2C:DE

  Current MAC address=02:00:00:00:00:00.



HELP!!!!   Any feedback, info, or Advice would be greatly aporeciated.  Trying to

Put a stop to this w/ little help from law enforcement.



iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2, Iphone 4s