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I recently had to fix an osx machine (10.5.8 I believe) where the 3G usb modem couldn't be reinstalled. - I fixed the problem in a roundabout way, but I am after a more concise solution.


From what I can gather, the person didn't uninstall the modem properly (they were directed to do this by their isp to fix another problem), which left the drive part of the modem unable to mount to install the software again.


To allow the device to be mounted again, I downloaded a newer (incompatable) version of the software that would still install on the machine and then restarted it.

Once the modem was correctly detected and mounted I then uninstalled the newer software and installed the correct version.


This says to me that there was a configuration file that needed to be deleted or reset somewhere


So... the big question is... Does anyone know what should have been deleted/reset for the modem to be installed again; or is there something else that I'm missing that should be done?


I know next to nothing about OSX and mac in general. My area of expertise is with Windows, so please keep the lingo simiple