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hi forum,



i installed EEs Mobile Broadband on Thursday [uk 4G Mobile Broadband Company] by plugging in the dongle and letting it self install the Web App. What happened next is a bit strange. Firstly it didnt work and didnt allow me to connect to Mobile Broadband but it barred me from seeing my Applications folder.


i restarted and editted the permissions on the folder, so the web app install must have changed the permissions some how. Change permissions back and restarted. Deleted the Web App from EE, restarted and computer wont start.


its sticks and the blue grey boot up screen. spinning wheel appears but that stops and it goes no further. Any ideas?


ive recently boted into recovery and had a look round, never having used this before and tried to fix disc permissions but it said nothing wrong, fixed anyway and it says all is fine there.


any ideas where to go? can i somehow make sure this Web App from EE is uninstalled by using dafe mode? or will i have to reinstall OS10.8? i was right up to date on software. from what i read i can reinstall but does this install over what i have on my laptop or is it a clean install? ive no too overly concerned of my data as its backed up but its time. I kno some of you will write back and say if it takes time, it takes time, but id rather know my options and try the reinstall over ym data first if that could work.


MBP type listed in my data which should show on this post



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
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