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Signing up to sell books on the iBookstore.


I'm not in the U.S. (I'm in Ireland)


I need a US tax id to sell books on the iBookstore.


I need to apply for that number.


There are two options: SSN/ITIN or EIN.




For a not-US person, is either one or the other better -- SSN/ITIN or EIN ?


Any particular advantages in applying for one over the other?


Also, there's a PDF guide to applying for a number, on the apple ibookstore sign up page – it's:  us_ss4.pdf




...is that the right guide for me to follow, as a not-US person?


Or is there a different guide that'd be better for not-US peeps?




And how long does it usually take to get a US tax number, for someone outside the US?


Thanks much.

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    I think most people just use the EIN telephone service mentioned in the IRS link in the FAQ:



  • vinnyvg Level 4 Level 4

    I have just replied to J Connor with this same  information.

    You need an EIN number.

    If you have an iTunes Connect account, open it, check out the Banking and Contracts section.

    You can open and walk through the forms and make notes of what you need.

    I have a UK account and it requires an IBAN number from your bank. If you have online banking, email/ message a request or walk in your branch and ask for one.


    If you phone the USA...get a phone card which allows low cost calls.. IT TAKE UP TO 15 minutes to go through the application...and they give you the number , although Apple will not see it foe at least two weeks... they send old fashioned letters to you and Apple!


    Ignore all the hard luck stories, its a simple process, download the SS4 form from their website, print it, fill it in, they will ask if you have it.


    Any problems get back and they can be redolved